68¢ aims to bring awareness and excitement to the practice of shopping local. Find a town and get to know a business.

You get more when you put it in local.


Why the name '68¢?'. We were inspired by the study conducted by Civic Economics. In a nutshell, consumers are more likely to put more money back into their communities by shopping locally versus Big Box. In the case of the study, shopping locally resulted in a 68 cent per dollar return to the community. Big Box investment was 43 cents.

That's quite the difference.

Every town is different. Every instance is different. What is constant is the reminder we all need to shop locally and put those dollars back into our backyards. 

That's how 68¢ was born.

We believe that every local business can use a boost in awareness and storytelling.

We also believe that shoppers are busy and need an easy way to sort out who's who, what's what and where to shop.