Do You Know Oak Park Fitness Trainer? You Should!

What is Oak Park Fitness Trainer all about? 

Founded in 2009 Oak Park, IL. Award-Winning Boutique Fitness Gym in the heart of the Arts District . Offering group classes| personal training- in & outdoor | Our approach is different, we focus on your lifestyle . Completing the fitness and coaching programs is the holistic coaching program® a healthy meals food preparation and consulting service.

How long have you been in business?

Oak Park Fitness Trainer has been around for six years.

Why did you decide to open in Oak Park?

The green Thousands of Oak Trees, the open mindedness and diversity of our community. At the time I moved to Oak Park in 2009, there was FFC gym, and a few local fitness studios, primarily Pilates and yoga. I had a gut feeling Oak Park was going to be soil to plant seed , grow and nurture my business.

What would locals be surprised to hear about you or Oak Park Fitness Trainer?

I teach that you don't need a gym to have a great workout. I was the executive chef of Caputo Market prior to opening Oak Park Fitness.