Get yourself to the farm house. Two Story Farmhouse, that is!

Liz Drogosz, Founder of Two Story Farmhouse

Liz Drogosz, Founder of Two Story Farmhouse

In a little doorway near one of the main parking areas in Oak Park, you'll find Two Story Farmhouse. You'll note some cute things in the window perhaps on the sidewalk. then you walk inside and think, 'Why haven't I been here before?' Get to know Liz and her Farmhouse! 

Who: Liz Drogosz

Where: Two Story Farmhouse

1016 North Blvd, Oak Park, IL 60301

(708) 613-4122


Tell me about you, and how you came to the decision to open TSF.

Opening a store has always been a dream of mine. Since I was a young girl, I have always had a curiosity of where things were from, how they were made as well as how they can be used. Our home was an eclectic assortment of old, new and used. I think opening Two Story Farmhouse came to fruition after several trips to Haiti with my family. I realized that I could use my strengths of curiosity of products and handmade goods and help share their stories.

How do you decide which products to carry in TSF? 

To be honest, so many of the products I carry have amazing missions. There is so much good, quality handmade products not only in other countries but here in the states. I am drawn to unique, beautiful and well made products. If it catches my eye, I instantly want to know everything about it. It has led to many wonderful conversations and connections. Getting to know the story and makers is the best part for me. It makes it difficult sometimes choosing.


Why did you choose to open your business in Oak Park? 

That is the best part of this journey! I knew very little about Oak Park as I grew up in Des Plaines and only knew of Oak Park while raising a family in Western Springs. However, I knew I wanted the brick and mortar space to be within 30 min of home, a walking community and a small quaint space. I started researching and I couldn’t be happier that all of those things were available in Oak Park! I drove around and fell in love. It’s home to Two Story Farmhouse. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to open a small business in Oak Park? 

You would be picking an amazing community to start your business. Reach out to other businesses and take advantage of all the support there is in this community. Oak Park is a perfect blend of urban with a small town feel.


What are your three favorite things in Two Story Farmhouse right now? 

1. My “family of friends” that make everyday a good day at the store! They are truly the best. 

2. All the cause driven brands I carry- Sa Voix, The Shine Project, Bright Endeavors, The Giving Keys.. too many to mention! 

3. The hand made leather hand bags and woven straps from Mexico!