Stella's Batting Cages - Swing Batta Batta!

What is your business all about? What do you sell/do?

Our business has many facets. We are an all year round batting cage. We have nine cages at seven different speeds ranging from slow pitch pitch softballs to fast pitch 80mph baseballs. In the summer our facility is open air, but in the rain or cold of winter we are a covered and heated practice space. We also pride ourself on having a great restaurant. We offer high quality baseball standards using the highest quality products. What sets us apart from being just another hotdog stand is our "Ballpark Centric Streetfood" menu. Stella's offers unique selections served at ballparks around the country and various baseball nations. This concept allows our menu to include items like Houston's Chicken in a Waffle Cone, Yankee Stadiums Meatball Parm, and even freshly prepared sushi rolls. Stella's Pro Shop is another part of our operation. Here you can find top of the line bats, mitts, and batting gloves priced well below most any retail establishment. Guests will find that our staff are baseball enthusiasts with ample knowledge of products and trends within the sport.

How long have you been in business?

Stella's was established in 1986. After 29 years of business the operation has changed hands to new ownership.

Why did you decide to open in Lyons?

When the plans for this business were presented to the Village of Lyons, the idea was received with enthusiasm and support. From there the plan to move forward seemed so clear. The Village of Lyons was so accommodating, the decision to do business here was an easy one. 

What would locals be surprised to hear about you, your business or your inventory?

Although Stella's is under new ownership we are dedicated to keeping the feel and tradition, that is Stella's, the same. We honor what this place has meant to our loyal patrons for the last 29 years and truly respect what the Matsons have established, here at Stella's.

Stella's Batting Cage, Restaurant and Pro Shop

3903 Joliet Ave Lyons, IL 60534