Shoppers: Get Rewarded for Shopping Local! 

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Why not celebrate shopping locally in Oak Park all YEAR round? We'd like to introduce a way for you to keep shopping local, while getting fun perks along the way. 

The best part?

No membership cards.

No special apps to download. 

No cost to join. 


How does it work?

  • Sign up with us and let us know you'd like to be in the program
  • Shop like you normally do, but think about shopping local first
  • Upload ALL of your local receipts from Oak Park businesses here. Simply take a picture and BAM!, visit our mobile friendly site.  Submit your email address and image of your receipt(s). 
  • We'll keep track of your purchases and send you a handy dandy report every month.
  • Once your purchases get to $200, you have the opportunity to get $20 back in gift cards from any Oak Park business participating in the program. 
  • Choose your gift cards, tell us about it and we deliver the cards to you

Let's say it again, BAM!

That' it? But why?

We think that all of us can shop locally more often, but we ALSO know that's easier said than done.

This is why we will:

  • Share the latest products, news and updates from our participating businesses through our social channels
  • Partner with you to help you find a specific item/product that you'd normally find at a Big Box store (we know this isn't always possible, but we'll do our best). Consider us your own local personal shopper. That sounds fancy, doesn't it?
  • Share key research and data around how your local dollars help our local economy

Still not convinced?

It's proven that the more you shop local, those dollars are placed smack dab in the community. This is in the form of taxes, wages and more. The name of the site comes from the study done in Chicago that demonstrated that more money was put back in the community from shopping LOCAL versus BIG BOX. Yes, you read that right.

So what do you have to lose? Do what you normally do, but let us help you get rewarded for it (and we won't tell anyone if you take the receipts from your visiting friends and family and add those to your tally...our little secret). 


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