Business Owners: Let's Get Started


We are aiming to make life a little easier for you.

Get NEW customers while keeping your current customers coming back.

We know how important it is to run a successful small business.

We also know how slim your margins are (marketing team, WHAT marketing team?)

We've come up with a program that aims to help you bring in new customers, keep your current customer while assisting you with your marketing efforts.

The best part of the idea? You only pay us if people shop with you and send us their receipts.

  • No monthly fees.
  • No subscription plans.
  • No upfront anything.

How does it work?

  • Sign up with 68 Cents
  • Get a sweet decal from us to stick on your store window
  • We help customers keep track of what they spend at your store
  • We share sales with you every month
  • Once a customer spends $200 across multiple stores, they receive $20 worth of gift cards from participating businesses in Oak Park

What we ask from you

  • 15% of all purchases based on receipts sent to us from shoppers
  • AND $50 flat fee if collective sales = $250 for your business in one month
  • AND 20% off gift cards we purchase from your business

What 68 Cents will do

  • In addition to keeping track of sales and encouraging people to shop local with our solid third party data and research...
  • Use our social media channels and online marketing prowess to add to your own marketing efforts ($0)
  • Promote your products, store and business ($0)


Let's break down a potential scenario of what it would cost you to work with us based on monthly sales adding up to $250. Remember this is across multiple shoppers who submit their receipts to 68 Cents. 

  • 15% commission: $37.50 
  • Flat fee of $50 for reaching $250 in sales (this flat fee is still $50 even if sales get to $500)
  • Total Fee to 68 Cents =  $87.50


  • You Keep $162.50 profit
  • Your Marketing Costs =  $0


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